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Things to Know About the Chamber of Commerce

Sensible solutions for business. Where members and benefits count.

The Chamber of Commerce is an association of business people and merchants promoting business and continued growth in our vibrant community. Over 250 members strong, we bring businesses together to act as one voice.

Your Needs Are Our Goals

Advocacy and Effective Action

The Chamber acts as your representative for changes to legislation and regulations that can affect your business. We represent our members municipally, provincially and federally.

Promote Business

We are always looking for new ways to promote our members and community businesses! Some recent examples include; Passport to Christmas, What’s Open in Rocky and Discover David Thompson Trails Eat/Shop/Play app.

Champion Managed Growth

The Chamber serves our region by focusing on business priorities and initiatives that encourage economic development. We engage members and businesses to act as one voice to create opportunities and help eliminate barriers to growth and success.

LATEST NEWS — Covering topics important to our members and the profession.

The Changing Face of Innovation in Our Industry

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